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Jonathan Rarity - Doune, September 2008 - the fastest ever ascent of Doune Hillclimb by a motorcycle engined racing car

Les Campbell Jedi MK4 CBR 600 Doune, June 2008
Hawke DL17 Single Seater, ZX10 - Forrestburn July 2005
Doune, 600hp Mitsubishi Evo 5 - 46.10s
Westfield Megablade at Kames - 2nd August 2008
Graeme Wight Junior - Doune Sept 2006, 1040cc roadgoing Imp
Jonathan Rarity - Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb 2008
Jonathan Rarity - Fastest Time of Day at Forrestburn Hillclimb September 2006
Dax GWR Doune April 2008 (Les)
Golspie Sprint ZX12R Indy 14 September 2008