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Scottish SprintingTogether with speed hill climbing, sprinting is probably one of the oldest forms of motorsport in the United Kingdom, with its roots back at the very start of the automobile age in the shape of reliability time trials and test hills. Central to sprinting in Scotland is the Scottish Sprint Championship, which for many years has been supported by the title sponsor for the championship, Guyson International. With 13 rounds in total, visiting Kames, Knockhill, Alford, Boyndie and Golspie along the way, the Guyson Scottish Sprint Championship is a true national championship for Scottish sprint competitors.

Single seaterAs well as the title of overall champion, competitors compete for awards in three main divisions throughout the season, these divisions being supported by MJ Engineering, Colibriman Engines and Tillicoultry Quarries. The divisions are split further into classes for all types of car, including road cars, classic cars, modified cars and the spectacular racing cars.

WestfieldThe sport caters for all tastes – and pockets! There are frequent, but friendly, battles between rivals throughout the entry, with classes sometimes won or lost by a mere fraction of a second. See some action - new video page here.

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Updated: February 27, 2017